Investing In Whisky

Investing in whisky has for a long time been the reserve of the super wealthy or the whisky expert, Fah Mai Holdings Group, Inc (FMHG) is here to change that! Here at FMHG we own and operate what we aim to become the world’s most extensive collection of rare and collectable single malt Scotch whisky.

As a soon to be publicly traded company, we will be launching the worlds first “investable whisky collection” allowing you the opportunity to invest in our 100% owned and managed “Fah Mai Rare Collection”. During 2021, we ceased our public reporting after our IPO in 2019 to allow for restructuring.

Why whisky? Over the last 14 years, the average value increase of the bottles we have been tracking has risen by over 580% with some of the greatest price appreciation being seen in more recent years.

This has led the market for collectable single malt whisky to outperform not just other investable asset classes such as Wine or Gold, but most major stock market averages including the NASDAQ and the FTSE.

This has given us great confidence that the interest in collectable whisky presently and in the future will remain strong and the increase in value continue for years to come.

Several factors drive this rising value, most notably scarcity, with an ever-increasing demand for Scotch whisky globally this lack of supply to meet demand is the main contributing factor.

Scotch whisky exports have doubled between 1996 to 2018, to a massive 4.8 Billion GBP in value. However, mass distillery closures dating back the 1980s have left the industry woefully under underprepared to meet modern-day demand.

During the late 1970s, the Scottish whisky industry was producing vast quantities of whisky. Fearing a glut in supply, forecasters wrongly predicted that future demand for whisky would not be sufficient to sustain those levels of production.

This would lead to a vast number of distillery closures in the early 1980s with 19 distilleries closing between 1983 and 1985, and by 2002 distillery numbers in Scotland had reached their lowest number for more than one hundred years.


About Us

Fah Mai Holdings Group, Inc. (FMHG) started off with a vision and was founded in early 2017. We are now the world’s first SEC-registered, US publicly traded company, with subsidiaries in the UK and Thailand. Our ticker symbol is FMHG and you can find us trading on the OTC stock exchange in the US.

We have kicked off the portfolio with whisky. We will then branch out into other highly appreciating alternative assets such as art, antiques, comics, stamps, land, property, collectible cars etc. We will analyse bringing any asset into our collection as long as it meets the requirements necessary to provide outstanding autonomous growth. Here at FMHG we have strong core values such as Honesty, Integrity and Perseverance. We work as a team and treat each other like family. This philosophy flows through our relationships regarding our interaction with, clients, colleagues, and the wider community. We believe strongly that those with the biggest shoulders should bear the greatest responsibility. With that in mind, we actively support some of, who we think, are the most valuable causes in Bangkok through social care activities as part of our social responsibilities program.

Whilst working on our whisky portfolio we have opened up other revenue streams connected with it such as, Whisky Live Thailand, which will be Thailand’s most prestigious whisky event. Whisky Bull, our very own online auction. Platinum cask, independent bottling brand, and the cask fractions (not available in the USA or to citizens of the USA).

Meet our advisors.

President & CEO

Louis Haseman


Barry J Johnston


Pimjai Weerasuttakorn

Platinum Cask

Platinum Cask Ltd is one of Fah Mai Holdings Group, Inc. brands, established in the United Kingdom. Platinum Cask was set up to manage the maturing cask whisky stock held within the greater "Fah Mai Rare Whisky Collection".

Not only will Platinum Cask serve as the management entity for our casks but we plan to grow Platinum Cask into its own independent bottling label, focusing on single cask or small batch releases. Our first series of bottlings, titled "The Olympians" will feature 12 single cask releases each depicting one of the original 12 Greek Gods. These bottles will be made available through the Platinum Cask website.

PlatinumCask.com is also home to our micro whisky investments concept, "Cask Fractions". For just £20, fractions of our maturing whisky casks can be purchased and traded amongst Platinum Cask members, with returns being delivered once a cask has been bottled or sold. "Cask Fractions" are currently unavailable to US citizens or persons domiciled within the USA.

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The Hope Fund

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities program, Fah Mai Holdings Group, Inc. has set up the Hope Fund, taken from the Thai words Satta (Believing) and Mai (New) and roughly translated to mean New Hope.

All our staff members are required to participate in giving their time to our CSR program through what we call Direct Action, and with the financial support from the Hope Fund, this allows us to contribute much more to the local community.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, and there is not a one solution fix that can help everyone. We do not limit ourselves to a defined type of help, i.e. giving food, teaching, building, etc. We want to provide the most useful help we can with the funding and time we have, so we are going out there and doing the best we can for those we can help in a multitude of ways.

We have opened the Hope Fund to the public, inviting them to apply or to nominate an individual or a cause that they think would benefit from our assistance.

If you would like to apply or to nominate a person or cause, then please follow the link below and complete the application form.


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